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SRQ Composite Squadron Hosts Group 5 Unit Commanders Course
August 22, 2016 | By: 1st Lt. Christopher Carroll
CAP members from across Florida participated in the Group 5 Unit Commanders Course (UCC) on 20-21 August 2016 in Sarasota, Fla., hosted by the SRQ Composite Squadron.
Lee County Cadets introduce Parents to CAP
August 22, 2016 | By: 2nd Lt Ruth Byron
Cadets explain how CAP's three missions influence the volunteer members and benefit the local community.
SRQ Composite Squadron Members Explore Pensacola Naval Air Station
August 17, 2016 | By: 1st Lt. Christopher Carroll
SRQ Composite Squadron cadets and seniors spent four days exploring the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Fla., and the USS Alabama battleship in Mobile, Ala.
Aerospace Education and Rocketry Workshop
August 9, 2016 | By: Maj. Marian Motyl-Szary
Marco Island Civil Air Patrol members conduct an Aerospace Education and Rocketry workshop for over 60 kids at Camp Mackle.

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Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is the newest member of the Air Force’s Total Force, which consists of Regular Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, along with Air Force retired military and civilian employees. CAP, in its Total Force role, operates a fleet of 550 aircraft and performs about 85 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited by the AFRCC with saving an average of 70 lives annually. Civil Air Patrol’s 58,000 members nationwide also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. Its members additionally play a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to more than 24,000 young people currently participating in the CAP cadet program. Civil Air Patrol received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014 in honor of the heroic efforts of its World War II veterans. Congressionally chartered 74 years ago, the nonprofit organization also participates in Wreaths Across America, an initiative to remember, honor and teach about the sacrifices of U.S. military veterans.

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